Virtual Field Trips

While I was at the UCET conference I went to a class on virtual field trips.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew about a few resources and didn’t love any of them so I was hoping that I would learn about some new things.  I came out of that class so excited I wanted to go back to school and teach!!

We got to try out Google Cardboard.  It was amazing.  We were looking at a picture of solar system.  I felt like I could reach out and touch the planets.  If only the Google Cardboard wasn’t 20.00 each and I didn’t need a phone/ipod for each of them! Money is always an issue when we talk about tech.

There were some free ideas I wanted to share.  Google Earth has a moon option for my 3rd grade science core.  So I’m able to take my students to the moon.

Skype has come up with a few different options I’m super excited about.  First they have mystery skype where two classrooms play 20 questions to try and figure out where the other class is located.  They also have talk with a guest speaker where there are experts in many different fields who are willing to skype with your class so that your students can ask questions from an expert in their field.  For instance in our Journey’s weekly reading books there is a story about the poles of the earth.  My kids had a ton of questions about what it is like.  Next year I can set up a skype with scientists that have actually studied at the poles that I could have my students ask their questions!  The other option that is available is a virtual fieldtrip.  This isn’t watching a video or looking at pictures that someone else has taken.  It is an actual person who is there taking your kids around as if your class was actually there on the field trip themselves.

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