Another resource that I found out about at UCET was flippity.net.  It is a great resource to use with my district Google account.  There are templates that you can save to your drive.  There are options to make certificates, a progress indicator, a badge tracker, name picker, spelling word list & automatic grading, flash cards, and review game.

There are a couple of the options that i’m going to spend some time looking at and seeing if it would be helpful for my classroom.  The one thing that I have already tried out is the review game.  It is like a jeopardy game.  It is set up that I can quickly go in and change the questions and the answers.  It also has a score keeper for teams attached with it.  It is as simple as click that they got the answer right to add to the team score, leaving it blank and the score won’t change, or marking it wrong and it will take that many points away from the team.  It’s something that I already use in my classroom, but this is better tech then what I have been using.

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